Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have been drained so much on stuff for other people in the past few days and so motivated to do my own stuff it's like my creativity has hit a wall. I can't make a choice between the productivity of making others happy or satisfying the monsters that haunt me called "my creativity & my imagination"...I call them monsters because they control who I am and that may seem weird to you but that's how it is. My imagination and my creativity are great friends and they get along very well, but they could care less about what I need to be doing or reading or writing or working on. They will make sure I pick up a brush or pen or pencil and get whatever it is they are planning out for you to see. So now you know what my world is like at 3:18 AM on a Tuesday Morning, As I sit here with my sketchbook open, my laptop in my lap, painting on one side of the room, with paint in pallets on a shelf I'm painting on the other...This is what I do and I absolutely love every minute of it!

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