Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Can't Help...

I wanna go back to before life removed all the innocence,You know...you send her a note... "Do you Like me, check one...and she adds a box that says maybe and sends it back, But there was a certain certainty behind that maybe...But that was as complex as it got... I want to go back to where the number of flower petals and your future were bonded like love and life... 'Cause fairy tale lovers never fall out of love only in... And I can't help believing that the way we are has to be different in the future... 'Cause Fairy tales ain't so far fetched... And in my Dreams we standing on the edge, at the deep end of love...Together! I been thinking about what a old married player once told me... "Young Blood, don't stop hustling, just change your hustle... And love hurts but your heart is the strongest muscle." And with that I realize that that Goodbye Love ain't made for me!!! And I can't help thinking that things will soon be different and this world will again be small enough to hold us both. I know I'm cashing it all in, Spending it all, trying to buy back your love with Love Poems.. But I can't help it Boo, The thought of you makes me want to write... I want to write a poem...The kind you recite until ain't nothing wrong... and I heard Poetry is like Sex...And I want to write....I want to write down my words, my thoughts, my dreams, my love, myself, my baby, my unborn, my life...Inside of you. But Only the good parts, cause you the best thing to happen to me since I found love. Then Once I give you all of me, I want to open you up until all of me falls out, kinda like, verbal intercourse, or a conceptual orgasm...or you can really just look at it for what it is cause, you know... You and I can make some beautiful, You and I's. I mean, I want to know your secrets and your fears,and be the arms you wrap yourself in to shield you from all that is uncertain. I can't help believing...that through all this, thinks will change... 'Cause I see myself walking with you, not in front but beside you, even though I need you behind me cause you give me strength, and I can't help wanting to walk behind you, just to watch you...Walk. But all those reasons are different, if you know what I mean...So until things do change, or the "she loves me She loves me not" flower runs out of petals...Know it's up to us to decide if we are happy with what we got... And what we got ain't s*** compared to what we can keep. D.Bloodworth Jr.'07

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