Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vocab Word of the Day by Jon Goode...

WORD OF THE DAY by way of Spoken Word Artist: Jon Goode Good morning folks! The Vocab Word for today is OTIOSE (\OH-shee-ohss\) adj. lacking use or effect: functionless. Example: “The Bush Administration was OTIOSE to say the least” or “After Lorena Bobbit was done with John Bobbit his penis was completely OTIOSE.” Feel free 2 construct ur own sentences using OTIOSE, goode times! (& don't 4get our past words: Scilicet, quaff, lanuginous, jackleg, occiput, cloying,obnubilate, kibitzer, philoprogentive)
After quaffing a few too many in this jackleg club & finding his judgment & vision obnubilated this dude, scilicet me, found himself dancing with this woman with the most lanuginous arms he’d ever seen/felt. The DJ put on Juvenile & she backed her cloying @ss up until he bumped his occiput on the wall. He tried to get his homeboy, a notoriously philoprogenitive kibitzer, to rescue him but he thought it was funny & thusly was completely otiose.

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