Thursday, June 25, 2009


I saw this on a site and had to pass this on to you...HAHAHA, Recessions bring out the dreamers!! Who wants one?? Return to the Hood Thong (tm) website. We have not gone into full production on the Hood Thong, but we are taking custom orders. This means a few things. a) You will be getting one of the most progressive, functional, temperature-controlled pieces of fashion around. b) It will be a bit expensive until we get it into China, but totally worth it in everyone's opinion.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm a real artist!

Okay here goes...DaCre8iveOne about to make a few people mad but this must be said. On his facebook status about a month or two ago he said something about this, and this still holds true... DaCre8iveOne is an artist

This is his life...He eats, sleeps, and breathes for this. And...and he's great at it! A living legend...

He has been an artist all of his life or from the time he could make marks with anything...He has dedicated my life to this gift and He will not do what he does for less than He's worth , simply because you don't understand that. DaCre8iveOne is great at what he does, and if He didn't feel that way about it He wouldn't do it. If you wouldn't ask Van Gogh to come paint Sunflowers on your wall...Or if you couldn't see asking DaVinci to come paint a portrait of your kids in that "Mona Lisa" style, pro-bono, then why fix your mouth to ask him?

God gave him this gift and he has nurtured it in every way that he can and can continue to do. He graduated from one of the finest visual art schools that he could go to, and couldn't afford. His MOTHER sacrificed a lot and so did he to make sure he got that degree though. He owes her this, and he will do everything in his power to make sure it was worth everything she did. So do not take this the wrong way people this isn't an attack on anyone or meant to be disrespectful, but "No he can't do it for that much." He knows you don't think it's worth that much money but if you had never seen a car before in your life or even heard of one, and you walked into a dealership with a pocket full of money would you know how much of it the dealer was going to ask you for?? Or would you know why the Lamborgini Gallado cost more than the Honda fit??

DaCre8iveOne is not one to act humble... God knows what Donice has been through to get here, so for you to not respect it is blasphemy, because God gave him this gift. This is what he does, and he is great at it...Legendary! DaCre8iveOne isn't worth it? Find somebody better...Double Dog Dare you!

If you don't believe YOU are the GREATEST or if you are not working to be the GREATEST at what YOU do, then WHY ARE YOU DOING IT???

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is list of things/or people that DaCre8iveOne thinks must die... 1. Men that blatantly violate the man laws... 2. Flaming and extravagant gay dudes that talk about there relationships and sexual activity in inappropriate places and the people that allow it and think it's cute. I don't talk about mine leave that in the bedroom. (sidenote: I have nothing against homosexuals, but I also have a homosexual friends who are in total agreement with me.) 3. Mohawks on black men! 4. Men who wear skinny jeans! 5. This New GNR fad! what is that?? Come on Black people! 6. The token cross dresser. Ms. Sophia, Miss Jay, Eugene the Butterfly...They need to be stoned! ( or maybe the execs that put them on the shows should be stoned, Cause we know Frank Ski and Steve Harvey aren't fans of them.) 7. Beyonce's choreographer...She dances like a dude and it's not sexy. 8. Neck tattoos...Especially lips of your lover...Yes it's better than their name but everyone knows it's someone else's lips. And...and...Trina, Tila Tequila etc. are not women you will spend the rest of you life with! 9. People blaming the recession for ANYTHING, and then not doing anything but collecting unemployment...Get up and do something! 10. People infatuated with drama, if you have not done something positive or admired someone for doing something positive today, you should just go to the cemetery and wait! 11. Women who buy shoes they obviously can not walk in! If you can not walk in the shoes, it is not helping your ensemble at all. No matter how much they cost or how good they looked when you tried them on sitting down in the store! 12. Ignorance! If you are ignorant to a situation but you want to put your two cents in anyway, and spread that contagious disease to others for no reason! You should get in your car get on 75 north, push the gas to the floor when it tops out at full speed...TURN LEFT! 13. People who live in Atlanta and complain about Atlanta for any reason...We have one of the busiest airports on the planet, Leave! Go purchase Goodie Mob's Still Standing album, put it on track #3 then get on a plane, train, automobile ASAP. 14. People who act out at other people because of their insecurities. If you can not be secure with yourself and your faults then you are doing something wrong! And you should fix that on your own. 15. Jealous people in relationships...If you are in a relationship with a man or a woman and you get mad because when you enter the "mall" together other people look at them something in truly wrong with you. If no one blinked cause they walked in then you wouldn't want them anyway. Go Home run yourself a bubble bath, and while you soak... juggle a hot curling iron, barbershop quality clippers, and a toaster. This list is unfinished...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello world...I have a dream that's coming true and details to come soon. I truly appreciate all your support in my journey to becoming who I am today. Watch what I do...I'm Recession-Free!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's definitely my Bday today...and My Twin Sisters!! We are partying at the Velvet Room on Friday...You ready for this??

Monday, June 1, 2009


Okay so I donated a portrait to an auction this year and The family that purchased it asked for another one to be done since they had two children...this is what came out of that. Lots of fun!! The pics of them aren't that great because I took them with my iphone.

'05 Artist's statement.

It's the music that drives me; like the bass line is the heartbeat of hip-hop, it's the hip-hop that I love. I played the bass drum in the marching band in high school and I realized that the bass drum goes from whistle to whistle it's the heartbeat of the marching band, the foundation, and the life source. If the bass stops the band has nothing to follow. This is the same principle that hip-hop follows, it starts with the bass line.It's the music that drives me, but it's the honesty that I love. It is the way we as a generation communicate, with each other, with others, with the outside world. It is the backbone of a culture, the CNN of the hood, not to say the news is as honest as hip-hop is, but the analogy fits. The music is what it is, and it has evolved into an economical giant that drives the American economy whether those that matter like it or not. And it's more than the music now, but it is the music that drives me. I fell in love with hip-hop from the moment I could feel it's heartbeat, cause it kinda mimicked mine. You know the rhythm of the drums that causes many people to dance in ways our parents find repulsive or impossible, depending on the way you look at it. But I never learned to dance that well, so I paint. I paint because, the language of the brushstroke can be translated easily into many tongues, without hesitation or misinterpretation. And I got a story to tell, I got a story to tell about how fun it is to grow up in love with hip-hop. I got a story to tell about the stories we tell, and so I paint. I paint about the bright side and the light side, I paint about the wrong side and the right side. I paint about what I saw growing up in love wiith hip-hop. I got a story to tell about being raised by hip-hop, and she taught me how to walk like this and talk like this, so it's the only way I know how to do it. Like the bass line is the heartbeat of a generation, I promise if you listen for the heartbeat you can follow my story. And so it begins with a paintbrush and a canvas. And on this canvas I paint a story it is a story of a culture born out of the's a story that begins with b-boys and spray paint cans in subways in Brooklyn and we still writing it on the streets of Atlanta, Los Angeles, and even Fifth Avenue in New York. It's a story that tells you it is more than the music, it's more than what you hear on the radio and see on the music channels on your televisions. It's a way of life, it's a culture that has raised doctors and lawyers, businessmen and teachers, thugs and actors, entrepreneurs and leaders. You will see them in your workplace at your doctors offices, and you will know who they are cause they walk like me and talk like me, feet moving simultaneously with the heartbeat of hip hop. So I paint their story, my story, I paint a story that was once only seen passing by on rail cars of the MTA in New York. I paint a story about hip-hop on the walls of the galleries cause hip-hop raised a few artists too. Not in the street poet sense, or the graffiti writing sense, but in the true tradition of what art is, in the tradition of what Michelangelo painted on the ceiling of the Sistine. He painted a story about something his culture believed in, and so I pick up my brush and I paint, I paint because hip hop changes with the wind, but a brushstroke, a brushstroke is there for generations to come. And if this culture ever dies, I want people who want learn about it to be able to read my story the story about hip-hop, I want them to be able to follow the brushstroke and feel the heartbeat, the heartbeat of a generation. I paint because I want those on the outside looking in to know what it is we love so much about what it is that we love so much. I want them to look past the flashy cars, the jewelry, the dancing, and the clubs, and see into the soul of a generation. I want them to close their eyes for a moment and relax and listen to the heartbeat, and then I want them to tell me what they think about hip-hop. I want them to understand that hip-hop is a documentary, it's the story of a generation. Tupac Shakur once said "People don't have guns cause we talk about them, we talk about guns cause people have them." And that's what I want people to understand, the hood is what it is, I picked up a paintbrush so you can hear my story. I am a young black man, I am a father, I am a son, I am a brother, I am a teacher, I am a friend, and I am an artist. And I have a story to tell, It's he story of a generation raised by the music. It's the story of a man that was raised by hip-hop, She taught me how to walk like this and talk like this, so it's the only way I know how. -DaCre8iveOne '05