Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm a real artist!

Okay here goes...DaCre8iveOne about to make a few people mad but this must be said. On his facebook status about a month or two ago he said something about this, and this still holds true... DaCre8iveOne is an artist

This is his life...He eats, sleeps, and breathes for this. And...and he's great at it! A living legend...

He has been an artist all of his life or from the time he could make marks with anything...He has dedicated my life to this gift and He will not do what he does for less than He's worth , simply because you don't understand that. DaCre8iveOne is great at what he does, and if He didn't feel that way about it He wouldn't do it. If you wouldn't ask Van Gogh to come paint Sunflowers on your wall...Or if you couldn't see asking DaVinci to come paint a portrait of your kids in that "Mona Lisa" style, pro-bono, then why fix your mouth to ask him?

God gave him this gift and he has nurtured it in every way that he can and can continue to do. He graduated from one of the finest visual art schools that he could go to, and couldn't afford. His MOTHER sacrificed a lot and so did he to make sure he got that degree though. He owes her this, and he will do everything in his power to make sure it was worth everything she did. So do not take this the wrong way people this isn't an attack on anyone or meant to be disrespectful, but "No he can't do it for that much." He knows you don't think it's worth that much money but if you had never seen a car before in your life or even heard of one, and you walked into a dealership with a pocket full of money would you know how much of it the dealer was going to ask you for?? Or would you know why the Lamborgini Gallado cost more than the Honda fit??

DaCre8iveOne is not one to act humble... God knows what Donice has been through to get here, so for you to not respect it is blasphemy, because God gave him this gift. This is what he does, and he is great at it...Legendary! DaCre8iveOne isn't worth it? Find somebody better...Double Dog Dare you!

If you don't believe YOU are the GREATEST or if you are not working to be the GREATEST at what YOU do, then WHY ARE YOU DOING IT???

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