Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is list of things/or people that DaCre8iveOne thinks must die... 1. Men that blatantly violate the man laws... 2. Flaming and extravagant gay dudes that talk about there relationships and sexual activity in inappropriate places and the people that allow it and think it's cute. I don't talk about mine leave that in the bedroom. (sidenote: I have nothing against homosexuals, but I also have a homosexual friends who are in total agreement with me.) 3. Mohawks on black men! 4. Men who wear skinny jeans! 5. This New GNR fad! what is that?? Come on Black people! 6. The token cross dresser. Ms. Sophia, Miss Jay, Eugene the Butterfly...They need to be stoned! ( or maybe the execs that put them on the shows should be stoned, Cause we know Frank Ski and Steve Harvey aren't fans of them.) 7. Beyonce's choreographer...She dances like a dude and it's not sexy. 8. Neck tattoos...Especially lips of your lover...Yes it's better than their name but everyone knows it's someone else's lips. And...and...Trina, Tila Tequila etc. are not women you will spend the rest of you life with! 9. People blaming the recession for ANYTHING, and then not doing anything but collecting unemployment...Get up and do something! 10. People infatuated with drama, if you have not done something positive or admired someone for doing something positive today, you should just go to the cemetery and wait! 11. Women who buy shoes they obviously can not walk in! If you can not walk in the shoes, it is not helping your ensemble at all. No matter how much they cost or how good they looked when you tried them on sitting down in the store! 12. Ignorance! If you are ignorant to a situation but you want to put your two cents in anyway, and spread that contagious disease to others for no reason! You should get in your car get on 75 north, push the gas to the floor when it tops out at full speed...TURN LEFT! 13. People who live in Atlanta and complain about Atlanta for any reason...We have one of the busiest airports on the planet, Leave! Go purchase Goodie Mob's Still Standing album, put it on track #3 then get on a plane, train, automobile ASAP. 14. People who act out at other people because of their insecurities. If you can not be secure with yourself and your faults then you are doing something wrong! And you should fix that on your own. 15. Jealous people in relationships...If you are in a relationship with a man or a woman and you get mad because when you enter the "mall" together other people look at them something in truly wrong with you. If no one blinked cause they walked in then you wouldn't want them anyway. Go Home run yourself a bubble bath, and while you soak... juggle a hot curling iron, barbershop quality clippers, and a toaster. This list is unfinished...

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