Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So I've been...

So I've been focusing a lot on getting my stuff out there for people to see it lately and it really has drained me. I mean the funny part is that people ask me for favors all the time and I usually oblige, I usually do what I can to make sure what they ask of me is done and beneficial to them but I haven't really been focusing on making everything beneficial to me. That has to change, I want to thank a few people right off the top though...My Mom, My sisters, Derek Vanez, My supportive family, and My Aunt Sonya (My auntie has showed up to more shows than anyone else in my family even when she was the only one I was related to that showed up or she had to ride out to Conyers alone she was there.) Also Chazzie Shepherd, I met Chazzie by chance last year and she shows me love and I love her, we going to get to where we need to be together, I promise. The others that support me I appreciate you...DJ Brooklyn, DJ Cee Money, LaSonya Cato, RoxC & everybody else that tries to show love and support. But to be totally honest there are people out there that would not hesitate to ask me to do them a favor or ask me to paint them something or draw them something then they are late paying me or even paying me at all...And all I ask is for a little support. It's funny to me but Know this, I will get to where I want to be because I am great! And I will remember who was there with me on my journey...remember if you wouldn't ask Van Gogh to do it for free, don't even inhale and waste that oxygen to ask me! I'm all out of Free work!

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