Monday, July 6, 2009

New Music...

Maxwell’s back. After a eight year hiatus, neo-soul vet Maxwell is back on the scene with a new album, FIRST INSTALLMENT OF A TRILOGY... BLACKsummer’snight. Featuring the single “Pretty Wings,” the LP will arrive in stores on July 7 And Dude is really sanging on this one!! Gotta get it...Here's a track off the album for you. Maxwell - Fistful Of Tears click to download EXCERPT FROM BILLBOARD.COM Article: About the trilogy, Maxwell says that "'BLACK' is darker. It has a bluesier side and features more despondent records. It speaks plenty to love lost." "BlackSUMMER'Snight," eyed for release in 2010, has more of a gospel feel. "It's lighter. It's gospel music for the common person that wouldn't naturally get involved with that type of music. Hopefully they'll get down with it now," he says.
And, finally, "Blacksummer'sNIGHT," with an anticipated 2011 release, is "straight-up slow jam records." The first single from "BLACK," the lullaby-like "Pretty Wings," is currently No. 11 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. "I want my music to last forever. I never want my music to be dated," he says of the single. "'Pretty Wings' falls into that. I met this girl who I still respect very much, and although it didn't work out, I got lots of inspiration from it. This track speaks of my time with her." He describes the second single, the regretful, horn-driven midtempo number "Bad Habits," as "the saltiest and most aggressive record I've ever done."

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