Thursday, July 23, 2009


okay I tried not to speak on this but people get in an uproar about the wrong issues! This Henry Gates thing was a problem that we need to fix but for the president to speak about it?? I'm not in that boat because I have been through it, I cannot produce enough fingers and toes between me and my son to count the times in my 28 yrs where I have had to deal with the officer of the law simply because I'm young and black. Now we have teachers in Ga who are asked to not be paid for 3 days to save money for a states who's governor has repeatedly mismanaged funds and done things without the people that need it mosts interests in mind, and nobody is complaining but teachers?? How can you not complain about this? How can you have nothing to say about it? Why is this not on your facebook status? Why are you not wondering when Obama will mention this?? Teachers are underpaid and overworked in every part of this country but you gladly make sure that your kids are in their hands everyday. And many of them don't feel like I do...I would gladly do my job for free if I could afford it. and I'm being totally honest, if I became a billionaire tomorrow I could not see myself not continuing to teach! How many of you would even show up at your offices, let alone log work hours or punch the clock? Teachers shape this country and help your children to become who they are when they grow up. They spend around 7 hrs a day with their students for about 185 days a year...Let's complain people, Let's complain about the plight of people who give themselves to make this world a better place. Yes they were wrong to stop this man but Hell I never heard anybody complain about the time I had to look down the barrel of the gun cause that cop felt like putting it in my face. Or the 26 officers that said we were car jacking people when we were just walking to get some food two blocks from our hotel. So I'm sorry Mr. Henry Gates but you will never be just a man, just like Obama will never be just our president, and I will never be just one of the male teachers in the upper school...We are all going to have to be the Black Men that we are and it won't change. But what makes this one man a reason for you all to be upset?? Sorry I had to vent...Now back to having a wonderful evening!! HAHA I LOVE being me!!

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