Monday, July 13, 2009

Am I too good to be successful??

Okay I made a facebook status a little while ago and I know some of you think I'm too arrogrant or should I say not humble enough...But I say that I am great at what I do and I deserve to be praised as a great artist. If you don't agree good, but to try to make sure I'm not seen because I'm great is disrespectful to everything about what it is I represent. Well all this being said I have found out a lot about me and my art in the last year and a half and I thank every one of the people that have ever hated on me or did something to impede my progress to success...YES I HAVE A GREAT SUPPORT TEAM of family, friends and colleagues. But I also have some people that are killing this craft, and trying to make sure I can't succeed. I am in awe about this, I can not wrap my head around the truth in this... I just found out that two artist at a show I was in said they would never do a show with me again... One of them walked up to my friend and said this and the other one immediately agreed and said that he wouldn't either, because they'd never sell anything. Donice is too good? Now what I have to say to them... If you are not trying to be better than Donice, put down the brushes. Stop painting!! Why are you wasting your time and the time of those who think you deserve praise? This is not for you. This is a craft for passionate people and I need for you to respect my craft, I worked way to hard to get this good. And I love this...

SERIOUS QUESTION:Am I too good to be successful?? Would you not want to teach at a school with the best teacher in the world? Would you try to make sure that teacher couldn't get a job at your school because you would look bad being average?? Yes he is arrogant but he deserves to be! Donice works for this...He eats, sleeps, and breathes THIS...THIS IS ART, THIS IS DONICE...PLEASE COMMENT I need feedback.

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