Friday, January 8, 2010

What's your color? by Annmarie Sabovick

Okay one of my friends who happens to be a VERY beautiful female posted this so I decided to share...

The history of advertising proves that sex sells, even when the product is far from sexy.

A Facebook-wide mindless message encouraging women to post the color of their bras to promote breast cancer awareness is sweeping through. Being the wonderful wild one that I am, of course I jump at the opportunity to participate in anything that asks me to discuss the aesthetics of my undergarments. You could tell me that posting my color would show my support of shaving kittens in Central America to increase their comfort in the climate, and I’d still do it. The message is clearly nothing to do with breast cancer and everything to do with finding a reason to behave a little frisky.

If you’re looking to promote breast cancer awareness then you should stick to the facts, right? It’s not a humorous disease. However, despite controversy, this mass message seems to be fulfilling its BS purpose. Give people something to have an opinion about, something to dispute, and all of a sudden there’s awareness. The message lacks any useful content but has caused us to engage in discussions about it and about breast cancer that would have otherwise never occurred. Leave it to a bit of sex and war to get us all going at it!

On a more serious note, I don’t believe I know a single person in my life that hasn’t been affected by cancer in some way. My mother learned she would not survive the disease at 45 when she was diagnosed with recurrent stage IV breast cancer. My Nana is a survivor and my aunt is currently battling it. I am 'high risk' and in a rare moment of expression of vulnerability, my breasts are the least sexy part of my body. They are the focus of my insecurity, encompassed by fear and anger at what I've lost and what I am at risk for losing in the future.

The truth is that we are all at risk. Know your body, touch yourself frequently. Educate yourself and choose to make the changes in your life that help to reduce the risks that are within your control. We should all make a larger effort to discuss it, share our experiences and learn from each other.

And since I enjoy sharing these naughty details, tomorrow I’ll be wearing a passionate pink to match my “imagine life without breast cancer” wrist band and the hole in my heart. <3
 by Annmarie Sabovick

Do something to support a Cause that you feel is important this year, I challenge you...Not just by putting a color in your Facebook status or wearing an armband actually get out and do something to make a difference or to bring up awareness and motivate others to do the same!! -Donice

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