Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Inspiration: Steven Lopez -Lovers Redux

Lovers Redux from Steven Lopez on Vimeo.
The night shows no signs of slowing down. The red and yellow lights are blistering the stage and the women are commanding the night with their voices. You couldn’t get me to leave this joint for any reason. I'm seeing history in the making. Seeing Minnie on stage was a beautiful treat and it looks like Helen is getting back up. Are you kidding me?!? She did a couple songs earlier. It looks like she changed her outfit. That silver dress looks beautiful under the stage lights.

What’s it going to be Helen? What song do you have for us? Can we be blessed with a song we haven’t heard yet? What about a B-side?
I wouldn’t mind hearing, “Maureen”. I love that song! Let me pull out the camera and snap a picture of her. Did you see that? Did you see how she looked into the audience? I wonder what she’s thinking about. Let me get another glass of wine and listen to this woman sing. There's no doubt that it's after midnight now.


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