Sunday, January 31, 2010

These are SO COOL!! And a Beautiful piece...Vauni really out did themselves!

Looking to add a really cool fireplace to your modern space? These cool bio-fueled fireplaces by Vauni are some of the best ideas! The Globe fireplace is a freestanding, chimney-free design that requires no installation, so it’s easy to place and move anywhere in your home. A low or high foot is topped by a sphere-shaped fire pit that swivels 360 degrees so you can enjoy it from any point in the room. Similar in style, the Cupola fireplace is a wall-mounted semi-spherical design that’s as easy to install as a flat-screen TV – just hang and gather ‘round! Available in a black or white matte finish, these sculptural fireplaces are vent-less, making them ideal for condos. Check out these and other cool fireplace ideas at Vauni.

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