Monday, September 14, 2009

Poem for Kanye West by Brook Yung

VMA Outburst (Poem For Kayne West) Fuck their sledgehammer roars the judgment plastered to the corkboard of their gavel eyes Fuck their snap shows and glitter What they call an outburst is what you call cracking the white horse Flipping the well worn stereo type on its back And revealing your wall mirror skin to the rednecks This is not because of Obama, is it Kayne? This is because your chest was made of riots and boycotts mishaps and pigeonholes May they never forget What a blackman in the limelight should be Obnoxiously beautiful Insanely correct Fuck their glamorous awards And their crooked draws Your heart was woven out of thunder, boy Out of smoke signals and underground railroads Pride made of cotton plants and “I don’t give a fuck” Shoulders creaking of Jim Crow South This is not youtube click slash Daily News front page fuckery This one’s for the pools, motherfuckers For bus seats and school classes for the gasoline, churches and water fountain when they hiss and roar when they grawl and rumble it sounds like Montgomery don’t it? Sound like 1955 and refuge Call the dogs, cocksuckers their boo’s Just a resurrected sound of yard whips cracking across our great grandmothers flesh it’s your fuel isn’t Mr. West the leverage you needed to say fuck their carpets And there uncomfortable grins I say what I feel Shrug my shoulders Like my ears can hear The rusty legs of a switching table scratching on the floor of the universe Walk off and do not look back For there is no mercy or remorse For killing everything they never gave us by Brook Yung

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